Three Third-Party Twitter App Alternatives

Twitter — in my experience — has a great native application, but there are a lot of third-party apps that offer a plethora of better features (“better” being subjective, of course). That said, there are quite a few third-party apps out there that are free and that are worth checking out. I’ve listed my favorites below.

Slices — This app is literally gorgeous. When the devs say that Slices has cutting-edge design, it literally has cutting-edge design. I would take this design over the native Twitter apps’ design any day. The devs do mention that it has “remarkable” speed and responsiveness, but compared to the native twitter app, I didn’t really see a huge difference. The big thing about Slices is that you can categorize all of your twitter streams into something manageable. This is especially useful for those who follow a lot of people. Bookmarking different accounts and synchronizing with the web app is also very useful.

Falcon Pro — This is a twitter app that I most recently downloaded. I’ve now deleted the native twitter app and switched over to Falcon Pro entirely. Falcon Pro’s claim on having buttery animations is totally true. Combined with extremely fast loading times (arguably faster than the native twitter app), the smoothness is absolutely amazing. The UI is very clean and easy to navigate through as well. Falcon Pro costs $1, and the purchase is almost compulsive. The only thing that this app is missing is the ability to switch between multiple accounts. I have quite a few twitter accounts all for different things. Logging in and out is quite tedious as it stands rights now.

 Tweetings — After downloading Falcon Pro and making that my main app I use for twitter, I would almost say that Tweetings is lacking in a lot of ways. Regardless though, I tried this app out for a while and it got the job done, it definitely won’t “wow” those looking for a third-party app though. While Tweetings does not have one of the best designs in the world, it’s definitely fast and the ability to switch between various accounts is also a huge plus in my book. I do also like some of the added photo options the app has as well. Again, I really don’t enjoy Tweetings as much since I started using Falcon Pro, but it still gets the job done.

All three of these listed applications are great to use, but if you don’t mind shelling out a dollar (a lot less than what Tweetings costs), Falcon pro is the way to go. It is the best third-party twitter app I have seen in quite some time. As I mentioned a few times, I removed my native twitter app to use Falcon Pro. I honestly suggest giving it a try.

Hopefully we won’t see apps like Falcon Pro die out with the new API regulations Twitter will be imposing sometime in the future. It’s sad to see a company decide to do such a thing. Oh well. In the mean time I’m going to enjoy Falcon Pro while it lasts.