Three Third-Party Facebook Alternatives

I think we can all agree on how terrible the Facebook app is, simply because it isn’t native and is based off of HTML5. That said, you may want to look into some alternatives to hopefully find improved speeds and stability. Third party apps like Hootsuite usually tend to be a lot better than the current state the Facebook app is in. While Hootsuite is a popular app, and you’ve probably heard of it before, it’s definitely one of the more robust apps for Facebook (and twitter) as well. Regardless, I’ve handpicked three different Facebook alternatives that should give you a better experience than the Facebook app itself. Granted, that does depend on your own likes and dislikes as well.

Hootsuite — The thing I really like about HootSuite is the fact that you manage Facebook and Twitter from one place instead of hopping between two different apps. It’s usually smooth and has some great stability, although I wouldn’t really call the app design to be out of this world. In fact, it could probably use a redesign, in my opinion. Another awesome ability is that you can schedule Twitter updates. You don’t have to send them out right away, you can schedule them for a later time.

Fast — This app is probably the best third-party Facebook app on the Play Store. Fast is extremely reliable and has speedy load times. The best part of this app is there is no hidden services going on that will tax your phone with less battery life, higher data usage and etc. You can do just about everything you do in Facebook, although notifications and viewing events haven’t been implemented just yet. The developer says that those features are on the way though. Fast isn’t the perfect app, it has its own shortcomings. The best part is that the developers are constantly working to make it better, which has been proved in each update that is provided.

Friendcaster — Friendcaster is by far not the perfect third-party Facebook app, but it’s definitely better than what the Facebook app currently offers. Users will notice increased speeds and a plethora of different features throughout the app. For me personally, as long as a third-party app is faster than Facebook I’ll check it out simply because of how slow and buggy Facebook has been. I was glad to have found Friendcaster due to the stunning quality that is offered. The fact that you can choose between five different color schemes is a great bonus as well.

We all know Facebook has been buggy, slow and some times even unresponsive. The Facebook team has promised to fix this by providing a native application as opposed to the current HTLM5-based application. Until then though, third-party apps may be the way to go to use Facebook if you can’t handle all of the nonsense in the actual Facebook app.

Hopefully a native Facebook app will come along soon so we don’t have to resort to these third-party apps that happen to be much better than the Facebook app itself.


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