Three Shopping Apps For Your Android Device


There are a lot of apps out there that will allow you to save money while your shopping. There are few that give you rewards for spending money at stores though. Not only that, but there are few apps that will easily help you find a better price and then order the item straight from your smartphone only to arrive within the next two-days (depending on shipping). I’ve listed three apps below that will not only help you save money by finding the best deals around town, but also reward you for spending money at stores. Check ’em out:

Groupon — This app is easily one of my favorites. Groupon searches for all of the local deals near your location, even in rural areas. Albeit, it tends to give larger cities precedence for deals, but if you live in places like Seattle,  you could end up saving yourself a lot of money on various things like eating out, decorating the home for Christmas and a whole lot more. Groupon also often has some cheap deals for tutoring services if you have a child in school or if you’re looking for some extra training yourself (e.g. programming, higher English and etc). This is a free app which is available on Google Play and iOS.

Amazon Price Check — This app is one of the most useful free apps you could ever download on your smartphone. Say you go to the store looking for a movie. There’s only one left and it happens to be the limited edition copy. You didn’t want to limited edition copy because it was too expensive, and it’s still too expensive. You can easily use the Amazon Price Check to scan its bar code. It will then often come with results that are much cheaper on Amazon than in-store. Granted, you won’t get the instant gratification with walking out of the store with the item, but you will save yourself quite a bit of money using this tool.

ShopKick — ShopKick rewards you for just walking into a store. These stores can range from Target, Best Buy, Old Navy or any store that is a partner with ShopKick. You get “kicks” for walking into these stores. You can get a whole lot more kicks if you scan items and make purchases with the app as well. It’s essentially a easy rewards program with no strings attached. You can eventually get yourself a free coffee at Starbucks or you can just redeem your kicks for a gift card at a participating location!

I highly suggest taking these apps for a test drive. They honestly will save you a lot of money, and might even give you money for free (e.g. gift cards). All of the apps are totally free, and are available on the Play Store and the iOS App Store.

Do you have any other suggestions for apps like Groupon or even Amazon’s Price Checker? Make sure to let us know in the comments section below! You can never earn enough rewards, especially when your earning them essentially for free!