The Onion Outs Apple’s New iPhone 5C Geared Towards College Girls


There is no doubt that Apple has had a great run with the iPhone since its original launch back in 2007. Apple is looking to innovate with their new iPhone 5C which was outed by the Onion just yesterday. What’s so special about the iPhone 5C though? It’s geared towards college girls. Forget blurry photos though, the Onion has a detailed video of the new iPhone 5C! You can head on over to the Onion to watch the video.

The video raises one question though, do college girls always drop their phone so much so that they mine as well just buy a pre-cracked screen? It’s no surprise though. I’ve heard everything from dropping their phones in the toilet to their phones flying out the car window. In the video the Onion notes that you can also purchase a pre-shattered iPhone that was dunked in a beer. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that before too.

My favorite part of the video is when the Onion mentions that Apple’s next iPhone will be geared towards Dads. It’s apparently programmed to call you anytime your Dad has a question about the iPhone. I’m almost curious as to what they’ll be doing for Grandparents in the future. I have to say, another favorite moment would be the text message exchange: “ATFHE BAR WHYER YOU!!!$”

Do you think the Onion did a good job with this spoof, or is it a bit over the top? Let us know in the comments section below!