The Man Behind Fake Powerball-winning Ticket — Software Engineer

The man behind the fake powerball winning lotto ticket is no other than season computer programmer and SQL expert, Nolan Ryan Daniels – a software engineer.

Daniels’ powerball stunt has been a smash hit in the Internet this past week, drawing 2 million users to share the photo for the chance of getting $1 million. Apparently, it was all fake and cunningly fabricated and it’s done by a software expert.

According to Savannah Daily News, Daniels is a veteran software engineer and a co-owner of Mesa, Arizona based N2 Technologies, a company that provides different kinds of software in the medical industry. Daniels’ LinkedIn profile also shows that he’s a seasoned computer programmer with expertise in SQL.

Savannah Daily News had a chat with his brother Derek, who said Noland could be craving for some love from people and added the online frank could have just made him feel better.

Surprisingly, Nolan remains silent despite the attention his powerball hoax generated in the internet. Some say that the software engineer is just preparing for an ambush appearance in some morning shows, like the Today Show. However, Nolan is still in hibernation and nowhere to be found on national TV.

Daniels, who has his name taken from former MLB pitcher Nolan Ryan, could be mustering another curveball mirage – one that could deceive again an entire nation.

Several software engineer and Netizines have already praised Daniels for his cleverly-done prank, though others felt it’s just a plain foul.

CNET reporter Chris Matyszczyk even posted a tweet calling Daniels’ work awesome, adding he deserves to have all the attention in the world.

“This is not luck! There is no such thing! It is Karma. This man probably really deserved this 🙂 awesome!!!”

It will surely be, um, awesome if he becomes a nationally recognized figure, ready to fool the world again with his next artful dodge.