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The Full Sized Apple iPad Could Be Refreshed In March


The iPad Mini is certainly not the best budget tablet out there. The hardware specs of the tablet haven’t won a lot of fans and rightly so. Of late, people have come to expect a lot from Apple and the company certainly lived down to it. Yes, it’s bigger than most of its budget tablet competition, but bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better, right? The main gripe that people have about the device is its unflattering display resolution. But in the midst of all this, we almost tend to neglect the fact that Apple also upgraded the full sized iPad along with the iPad Mini. And now, reports are suggesting that the full sized iPad could be seeing another refresh in March. Yes that’s a refresh in a matter of six months, something which Apple is not known to do. These reports further claim that the new iPad could go through some redesigning and bear resemblance to the iPad Mini and the new iPhone 5 (White and Silver, Black and Slate color combinations).It is believed that the new iPad could also be a touch thinner from older iterations, which could well mean that Apple has finally figured out a way to fit in a Retina Display that big without adding to the thickness of the device.

There’s no info on whether Apple would refresh the iPad Mini along with it, but it seems plausible especially considering how badly Apple wants to change the game with its offerings before Android manufacturers roll out better products for a smaller price tag. This, for the owners of the iPad Mini or the fourth gen iPad, will be a nightmare as Apple would be shying away from its standard 1 year update cycle. There’s still no confirmation of course, which is why we recommend you take this with a pinch of salt for now. Other reports are claiming that Apple could upgrade the iPad Mini with the A6X chip, the same one seen on the current iteration of the full sized iPad. There’s no way to make sure until March, but we have to say this might be the best thing to do for Apple as waiting for a full year might set the company back by a few notches.

Whatever the final outcome, Apple will certainly have to rethink the whole iPad strategy now, especially with the iPad Mini. Hardware upgrades are certainly the way to go, although the problem for Apple will arise when it comes to cost cutting. Which is why the iPad Mini isn’t a smaller version of the full sized iPad but a downgraded version of it. Price will be key in a competitive market, and let’s see if Apple has what it takes.

Source: Mac Otakara (Translated)
Via: Phone Arena

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