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Tablet Ownership Among Americans Has Doubled Since 2011


The average American tech user has evolved in so many ways over the course of the decade. Especially with the emergence of new devices with different form factors, people want to get their hands on the latest and the greatest device out there. And tablets are no different. Although the concept of tablets were taken seriously post the arrival of the iPad in 2007, the idea pretty much existed all along. But today, as we near 2013, tablets have pretty much taken the markets by storm. And according to a new survey conducted among 60,000 Americans by Forrester Research, tablet ownership has doubled in 2012. Out of the 60,000 Americans that took part in the survey, a total of 19% apparently owned a tablet.

The survey included people from the ages of 18 and up, so that covers a wide range of Americans. Unsurprisingly, it turns out that the youth were among the most excited about tablets, while people aging from 47 and up were the least likely to own a tablet, but the number among them has doubled from 2011. Of course these stats cover only the U.S. and not the entire world, so the numbers could change elsewhere depending on the regions. But this gives us an idea as to how technology has evolved in the past few years, especially with Google’s new budget tablet arriving this year along with the flurry of iPads (iPad 3, iPad 4 and the iPad Mini). It won’t be wrong to say that Google’s offering has made tablets more attractive to the users. Although Amazon’s Kindle Fire existed in the market since 2011, it wasn’t quite supported by Google and still isn’t. Which is why see the Nexus 7 score against Amazon’s offering.

The survey further reported that over 84% of Americans go online every day. That number shouldn’t be surprising at all, and I’m sure a large majority of those users would be on Facebook too. The number has risen from 78% last year, so that’s a growth of 6%. This invariably is due to the increase in the ownership of tablets and smartphones in general. Over half of all the adults involved in the survey owned a smartphone, apparently. Forrester has revealed several more stats which shed light on the amount of users accessing internet via TVs and gaming consoles. So looking at these numbers, it is clear that technology is ruling our lives and the numbers would only increase in the coming days. 2013 will definitely see plenty of new innovations and new technological advancements which would further increase the number substantially. Especially with Windows tablets joining the fray, we could see more and more traditional users taking a liking towards tablets.

Are you one of those tablet owners?

Source: Forrester Research
Via: Phone Arena

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