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T-Mobile Will Start Selling iPhone 5 and Other Smartphones Unsubsidized Beginning from 2013


T-Mobile is one of the country’s top four carriers and is known to feature plenty of Android smartphones in its shelves. Windows Phone handsets like the mid-ranged Nokia Lumia 710 and the then flagship the Lumia 800 was also seen on the carrier. So basically, the carrier is pretty versatile when it comes to its smartphones and doesn’t limit itself to one platform. However, the iPhones have never been seen on T-Mo’s shelves. The reasons for this weren’t known, but one would have expected Apple to team up with all four carriers of the country to bring the iPhone to the market.

However, all of that is going to change now with T-Mobile announcing the arrival of the iPhone 5 along with the rest of the Apple products on its network starting from next year. That’s not the interesting part though. It is said that T-Mobile will be offering the iPhone 5 and many other products unsubsidized, meaning without the usual $199 or $299 contract price. So customers will have to invest a lot more in a smartphone than they usually would if they’re buying the same device on another carrier. The weird part is that users will still have to sign a two year contract with the carrier, despite the devices being sold for the full retail price. All of this was confirmed by the CEO of T-Mobile John Legere while speaking at the Deutsche Telekom’s analyst conference.

But this new plan has its benefits, apparently. Instead of charging you a premium with monthly rentals (which is how most carriers function), T-Mobile will charge less here. But again, the catch is that you have to pay more initially to avail the discounted monthly rental plans. So in a way, this is no different from a regular two year contract. It is surprising people would actually consider getting a device unsubsidized and still stick with the carrier. Usually people get an unsubsidized smartphone and opt for carriers with no contracts. But here, T-Mobile wants you to spend a premium when you’re getting the smartphone and also wants you to be shackled to the carrier, the only benefit being cheaper monthly rentals.

Is this is a viable option for the normal American user? T-Mobile has to make that clear to us before it begins providing this service. Because honestly, paying up close to $800 for a smartphone up ahead isn’t something many people will be looking to do. Unless T-Mobile has ultra cheap monthly rentals or something, we don’t see this new promotion picking up pace. What are your thoughts on this?

Source: GigaOm
Via: Talk Android

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