SwiftKey Flow Will Be An Update To SwiftKey

Since SwiftKey Flow just recently launched into beta, there has been a lot of good feedback regarding how well the app performs. That said, many are excited and anxious awaiting its launch, but there’s only one question: is Flow going to be a separate app from SwiftKey? Or even an update adding the feature to SwiftKey? Things got a bit more confusing after SwiftKey allowed consumers to download the SwiftKey Flow app off of their “Flow” landing page. It seems that even SwiftKey’s marketing strategy was promoting Flow as its own app as well. Good news though, folks. One concerned customers took to Twitter to ask SwiftKey as to how this is all going to work out. Best of all, they responded! Here’s what they said:

Hopefully that clears up all of the questions and confusion. Since SwiftKey Flow is just going to be added to the regular SwiftKey 3 keyboard app via an update, users who thought that the $2.99 or so to pay for SwiftKey 3 was a tad expensive may just be getting their monies worth now.

I personally can’t wait for SwiftKey Flow to officially launch! Never having to lift a finger sounds quite appealing, albeit I may stick with SwiftKey 3 for little bit as well. What about you? Any thoughts?

source: Twitter
via: TalkAndroid

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