SwiftKey Flow Beta Now Available For The Public

If you’ve ever used Swype and were frustrated with how it functions, you might want to give a similar app, SwiftKey Flow, a try, as the beta has just dropped and is ready for the masses to try. If you’ve tried Swype and liked the thought of it, you really need to try out SwiftKey Flow, as it is much more of a fluid and solid app. I haven’t played around with the app myself for a whole lot of time, but from what I’ve seen on of it thus, it’s a very solid keyboard application. One thing that Note users may run into as a bug is trying to use SwiftKey Flow with the S-Pen.

As you know, SwiftKey 3 has been the number 1# best selling keyboard app in 38 different countries. I would not expect SwiftKey Flow to be a poor product just based off of those statistics alone. Aside from that, SwiftKey is available in 45 different languages and has been downloaded 15 million times. Crazy, huh?

Make sure to hit the source link below to get in on the beta. For more information you can also check out the trailer and press release below as well!

Is SwiftKey Flow something that would interest you? Swype, a built-in SwiftKey-like feature was a good idea for a keyboard, it just didn’t have enough dedication to it. SwiftKey Flow has the team behind SwiftKey 3 working on it, so there’s no doubt that this will be a massive improvement over Swype. Why not give it ago?

Android Keyboard SwiftKey Flow Launches in Beta with New ‘Flow Through Space’ Feature

London and San Francisco — Dec 6, 2012 — The team behind Android’s best-selling app today releases the beta of SwiftKey Flow, its hotly anticipated keyboard that enables users to type with gestures.

SwiftKey Flow combines the mind-reading capabilities of SwiftKey’s prediction engine with the speed and style of gliding your finger across the screen. The beta also includes a brand new feature, dubbed “Flow Through Space” (see it at With it, users can write entire sentences without having to lift their finger from the keyboard, simply by gliding down to the spacebar before continuing with their next word.

SwiftKey Flow takes a revolutionary approach to gesture typing, analyzing a user’s input from the moment they start to ‘flow’ a word. It offers real-time predictions, easing the frustration of entering long words and delivering a dynamic, interactive typing experience. The app also features SwiftKey’s award-winning next-word predictions once a gesture is complete, based on the keyboard’s knowledge of a user’s writing habits.

“SwiftKey Flow is another incredible leap forward for keyboard technology,” CTO and co-founder Dr Ben Medlock said. “Flow Through Space is a unique innovation. Accurately identifying several words from a single gesture is a really complex challenge and I’m delighted our team has made this key breakthrough. With SwiftKey Flow, gesture typing is now so simple you won’t have to lift a finger.”

The beta is being released to SwiftKey’s 75,000-strong community of VIP users and is a key milestone before SwiftKey Flow is made available to all Android consumers. New members are encouraged to join the VIP community and get access to SwiftKey Flow at

“Our community is a vital part of this process,” community manager Evan Tapper said. “We rely on their feedback to ensure the product is in the best possible shape before it hits the market. But it’s about more than that – it’s about engaging with our users and building products that people really love to use.”

A No.1 bestselling app on Google Play in 38 countries, SwiftKey is available in 45 languages and counting. It has been downloaded more than 15 million times. For more information about SwiftKey visit

source: SwiftKey Flow

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