SwiftKey Aware Of Android 4.2 Issue, Working With Android Team To Resolve

Many users on Android 4.2 using the popular keyboard app SwiftKey, have been reporting issues with the app. Some of these issues include the keyboard disappearing entirely from devices after the upgrading to the next level of Jelly Bean, Android 4.2. With SwiftKey being such a widely used application, this has been a huge nuisance for a lot of users.

Thankfully, SwiftKey is aware of this issue and is working as hard as they cane with the Android team to get the issue resolved for the many users who use the app. Right now, there is a quick fix, which would require you to re-download the application and then go through the entire installation process once again. The bad thing is that you are literally starting for scratch. All of the data that SwiftKey gathered will be gone. The predictive word sequences that took forever to build up are gone as well. Hopefully SwiftKey will get a fix for the bug shortly here. I use SwiftKey and having to basically push the reset button on it would be terrible. 

Hopefully the issue will be resolved soon. It’s really not that hard typing without SwiftKey, but once you get used to sending text messages or e-mails extremely fast with the predictive word sequences  it’s almost extremely difficult to put it on the shelf until a fix is resolved. Oh well, such is life.

If you’d like to read SwiftKey’s response to all of the bug reports, just hit the source link below.

source: SwiftKey
via: Talk Android

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