Starbucks App Updated, Fixes Android 4.2 Compatibility Issues

Now this is exciting! Starbucks is now catering to users who are running on Android 4.2 or above. There have been a few issues with the Starbucks app regarding compatibility issues with Android 4.2. Android 4.2 caused a bug in the application that made the app crash every time the request was put in to open the app. That has been fixed now, but Android 4.2 has been causing a lot of issues with apps as of late. First SwiftKey has been having trouble, and now Starbucks has had trouble. Thankfully fixes have been getting pushed out fairly quick.

If you’ve been out of the loop as to what the Starbucks app actually does, it’s essentially a mobile payment system that offers you rewards in return for using the app. You load your virtual card up with money, and then you take your smartphone to the store and you pay through that. Using the app will give you starts, which will eventually give you a free drink and ¬†make you a Gold member! There’s quite a few benefits of being a Gold member, which you can read in the app itself.

Aside from the bug in the app, nothing new has been added to it. Now we all can pay for our coffee(s) without feeling the stress of not earning rewards!

Users of the app can grab the new update from the Play Store. Hopefully this will fix all of the problems users have been experiencing.

source: Phone Arena