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Sprint Galaxy Note II On Offer for $149.99 on Amazon Wireless

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The Galaxy Note II is one of Samsung’s premier smartphones. Although its enormous size is a double edged sword, the device has more going for it than any other flagship right now. The device is being sold for about $299.99 with a 2 year contract on most American carriers. But what if you’re getting a discount that you just can’t afford to ignore? Yes, as the holiday season quickly approaches, the Note II on Sprint has seen a price reduction. Head over to Amazon Wireless and you will find the Sprint GNote II for just $149.99, which is a 50% discount from all the Note IIs being sold currently. The bad news is that users won’t get the device shipped immediately as it is backordered. It is believed that shipping would commence in 1-2 weeks, if that is something you can ignore, make sure you head over to Amazon for the super-deal. However, if you were looking to gift this to your loved ones for Christmas, you might be bound for disappointment as it could arrive a few days after Christmas. But one can’t just ignore the kind of savings on offer here, compared to other deals. Another bonus with the Sprint version of the device over other versions (like, umm, Verizon) is that there’s no annoying logo bothering you on the home button. Verizon really took it up a notch with that one.

So there you have it, the Galaxy Note II is one of the most desirable smartphones right now (depending on whom you’re asking) and its sales speak for itself. The device is up for grabs in the Titanium Grey version as well as the shiny Ceramic White variant. Bear in mind, Titanium Grey is only the color variant and the device itself doesn’t have an iota of Titanium in it. Just saying. If you’re relatively new to this phablet, we recommend you to head over to your nearest electronics retailer or carrier to get some hands on time first. You don’t want to get it just by looking at the pictures of the device and be surprised at the enormity of the phone, right? Because let me tell you, this thing is pretty huge. So unless you’ve used it before, we don’t recommend you to get it. There’s no denying though that customer satisfaction is almost a given with a device like this. What have you decided to get this holiday season? With the Nexus 4 not arriving this holiday season, the Galaxy Note II and the Galaxy S III are increasingly looking like a viable option. The Droid DNA on Verizon is another smartphone worth having a look, as it is the closest competitor to the Galaxy Note II, despite being relatively smaller in size.

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