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Some Sony Xperia devices confirmed to receive Android Jelly Bean update this month

At least 5 Sony devices were confirmed by the company to receive the much anticipated Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update that will be rolled out within this month. The news broke a couple of days ago when Sony posted a short announcement on its official Xperia twitter page. While it has already revealed to its customers that older models won’t be getting JB, almost all models released this year are eligible to receive the update. Among them are the following: Sony Xperia P, Xperia U, Xperia TX, Xperia Sola and Xperia Go.

In the United States, Sony Android smartphones, tablets and even the company itself are often the subject of criticisms and scrutiny from tech communities because update roll outs have always been late. The Japanese manufacturer released several devices earlier this year and while its competitors have been busy rolling out updates for their devices, Sony had been so quiet and owners of Xperia units were left hanging without any idea when their handsets could receive updates. Other devices that were recently released will be getting the Jelly Bean update early 2013, although, no date was specifically mentioned.

The upcoming updates for abovementioned devices are going to be major ones considering the latest Android version comes packed with hundreds of bug fixes, performance boosters and new features. It is expected that Sony will make updates available by region and since there are many devices involved, it would take months to complete. Based on Sony’s habit of rolling out updates, people in the Nordic region may be the first ones to get their devices bumped to the latest Android version.

With Sony rolling out updates for many of its devices, that’s good news. Every owner deserves it after a long wait. The next updates may not come so soon for these devices but nevertheless, it’s good to know that Sony cares for its customers once in a while.


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