Sony Overtakes HTC For Second Place In The UK Android Market


I wouldn’t really consider this a surprise based off of HTC’s earning this last quarter, but latest figures that were released show that Xperia manufacturers have been outselling HTC this past summer in the United Kingdom. HTC moved 444,000 Android phones as opposed to Sony’s 500,000. However, both companies (Sony and HTC) have lost market share thanks to Samsung’s extraordinary and record-breaking results. The Korean tech giant maintains first place with a whopping 3.2 million Android phones. That is definitely a whole lot more than Sony and HTC combined.

These figures are quite nice on the Sony side of things, and things are definitely looking good for them with their new smartphone push (although some people have said that the new Xperia phones aren’t all as they were cracked up to be). Depending on how Sony moves forward and if they announce a new flagship phone in early 2013, it is looking like they might just have a really good chance at grabbing even more market share than they already have.

Sony has said that with some of their latest movements (James Bond marketing tactics and etc) has outputted a “positive reaction” from consumers. Obviously things are looking good for them in the future, but lets just hope that HTC isn’t out of the game just yet. They’ve surely got a few more tricks up their sleeve. Although, I doubt we’ll be seeing much of anything else coming from Sony or HTC until early 2013, as we are in the last month of 2012 here.

source: Talk Android

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