Sony Launches Their Web-Based Store Queitly

Owners of a PlayStation-certified device that reside in Europe are going to be ecstatic, as this could be a great day for them. Eurogamer made the discovery that Sony’s web-based store has officially gone live, albeit Sony has not made an official announcement. Account holders who log into the store will be shown a plethora of premium games such as the widely popular Tokyo Jungle. These premium games are all available for immediate download as well. Similar to the Play Store, all users need to do is purchase their selected title and that title will then be pushed to the download queue. The game can then be used on any PlayStation-certified device.

Keep in mind that — like most services that first launch — there are a few bugs that need to be ratted out. If you’re able to bypass these bugs and look past the services shortcomings, it might just be worth giving the web-based store a go. Make sure to head on over to the web-based store and give it a try for yourself!

Now the only thing we need is for a couple of non-Sony manufactured devices to become PlayStation-certified (such as the HTC One S and One X). I dearly want to play Tokyo Jungle on my Galaxy Note II!

source: Eurogamer
via: talk android