Sony Launches Motiongraph App On Google Play

A new app from Sony Digital Network Applications, Inc. called motiongraph offers to help users create unique images. The image, which Sony calls a motiongraph, shows a photograph which has a particular area moving like a video.


There are three steps in creating a motiongraph. First is to shoot a video that is around 2 seconds long. Then, using a swiping gesture, the user must specify the area which should move or remain static. The last step is to save the motiongraph by means of one tap of a button. The motiongraph is saved as an animated GIF file to a server at  Sony Digital Network Applications, Inc. There is also an option to share the images that were created through the app to contacts on Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail account. This allows one’s friends the ability to view the motiongraph regardless of their computer environment.

Should users prefer more control over the motiongraph, the app has settings to alter the photo light, focus mode, white balance, scene, and exposure of the video recording. This not only improves the quality of the image but also helps create a better transition from the moving and the static parts of the motiongraph.

There is also an option to select the start and end point for the moving area as well as controls to specify the desired playback speed from slow to fast. Loop playback is also possible through the help of the app.

The app likewise allows one to view the motiongraphs of users from other parts of the globe. To showcase the work of motiongraph users, Sony has created a gallery that organizes motiongraphs according to labels such as Artistic, Surprise, Goofy, Cute, Soothing, and Creepy.

The motiongraph app costs $0.99 to download. Click on this link to head to the Google Play Store.

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