SNES Emulator Makes Its Way To Microsoft Surface Running Windows RT

Do you have a Microsoft Surface and wish there were more game titles made for it? We can understand this since the operating system used, which is Windows RT, is relatively new and games designed for this specific OS aren’t that plenty. It’s different for the Windows, iOS or even Android platform where users don’t have a problem looking for games since there are tons available.

SNES Windows RT

There is new hope for those people who want to play games using their Surface device as an SNES emulator has just been released over at the Windows Store which is designed to run on either Windows 8 or Windows RT. Snes8x is an app that is based on the popular Snes9x emulator designed to run on PC’s. By installing this app on your device you will be able to play the hundreds of SNES games available as long as you have the ROM of the game.

This might not be what some people are looking for in gaming but for old school gamers or those who want to know what gaming in the 90’s feels like then this is a must have app.

During the early 90’s Nintendo released their 16-bit gaming console called the Super Nintendo which became an instant hit worldwide. An estimated 49 million units were sold until it was discontinued in 1999. Since finding a perfectly good unit is hard to come by these days the only way anyone can enjoy playing the games made for this console is through emulators.

Downloading the Snes8x app is only half of the process. You will still need to find the SNES game titles which should be in ROM format. We can’t give you a specific place where to find these but you could use Google to find out. Some of the best titles available are Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, and Super Mario Kart.

The Snes8x app is compatible with devices using ARM, x86, and x86-64 instruction sets which means that aside from running on Windows Surface RT it can also run on your PC running on Windows 8.

Oh and yes, the app is FREE to download.

via Windows Store