Snapkeys Makes Translucent Keyboard Available For Testing

Tired of your usual QWERTY keyboard on your Android device? A new innovation from Snapkeys might help refresh the experience for you.


Snapkeys is a translucent typing interface that features just four colored keys, which appear when users need to type. Each colored key has four letters, including one vowel and the letters that one commonly uses. According to its makers, the interface offers “a simple and intuitive way to enter text” that is, in their words, “fast, comfortable, and intelligent.” It has predictive technology, one that is similar to what is found on other QWERTY keyboards today, that suggests the words that one may want to use. For convenience, users have the option of accepting or rejecting these words. Snapkeys also allows users to add words to the dictionary, use caps lock, and perform corrections. There are mouse functions as well as options to hide the snapkeys.

While the interface may be different from what many have, by now, gotten used to, the makers of the keyboard are confident that the technology will be a welcome change on mobile devices.

Benjamin Ghassabian, the Snapkeys CEO explains: “SnapKeys Si brings a long overdue upgrade to the mobile device market, where the screens of mobile devices have been limited to a QWERTY keyboard and a small text box. Despite innovations in smartphone and tablet technology, mobile devices today are still reliant on QWERTY-based keyboard designs, which were originally intended for typewriters and computers as a separate peripheral from the screen. The screen space of small mobile devices is precious and cannot be occupied by many keys.”

Snapkeys, which uses the tagline “take back your screen,” hopes to enable users to enjoy the display on their mobile device without the interference of an on-screen QWERTY keyboard.

On the Snapkeys website, those who are interested may try a private beta of the keyboard. However, its official public launch is scheduled in January.

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