Skyrim’s Downloadable Content, “Dragonborn,” Releases On X360, And Frustrations With No PC/PS3 Release

As you all know, Skyrim’s new downloadable content entitled Dragonborn has released today. One frustration is that it is exclusive for Xbox 360 players until 2013. Bethesda hasn’t said anything as to why this has been exclusive to Xbox 360 players, but I’m going to assume that it’s simply because they have more work to do on those version. Regardless, I’ve been following a few news sites drooling over the fact that I can’t get the DLC until next year when it releases on the PC and PlayStation 3. One of these sites is Eurogamer, who has already written up a fantastic review on the DLC.

Reading the review, I was a tad frustrated simply because other platforms just don’t have the DLC yet. I literally love Skyrim, and I dearly want to play the Dragonborn expansion. Waiting isn’t the issue if Bethesda is adding to the Dragonborn expansion for the PC and PlayStation 3. If I and other players are waiting for it just because of Xbox 360 exclusivity, that is the part that’s frustrating. I mean, PlayStation 3 players have already been treated horrendous with Bethesda basically saying that those players won’t be receiving any of the past DLC simply because of technical difficulties. While that’s understandable, why add more flame to the fire?

I’m just speculating as to what’s going on, I don’t really know what they’re doing. I just hate this exclusivity stuff that we often seen in a lot of games. It’s annoying, and even confusing when you want to give a company your money in return for something.

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