SkyDrive to Feature Cloud Based Music Player Soon


Cloud is the new medium of storage. Services like DropBox, SkyDrive, iCloud, Google Drive etc have strong presence in the market. Google Drive has its following thanks to Android, and DropBox is the service which sparked it all off initially. Most manufacturers offer their smartphones with hefty DropBox storage. SkyDrive too has its fair share of users as every Windows Phone user gets a certain amount of free storage on the service. So it won’t be wrong to say that people are increasingly looking towards cloud storage to replace physical storage. And now, if reports emerging from are to be believed, Microsoft could be looking to bring a new cloud based music player to SkyDrive. The folks at LiveSide had a brief look at the source code of and found that there was some code involved for the addition of a music player to the service.  Moreover, resource images gathered by them from what seems like an internal testing version of SkyDrive, shows a pause, play, forward and the usual array of music control buttons. This pretty much confirms the authenticity of the report. SkyDrive recently added support for Album Artwork, which could have well been an indication of what’s to come on the cloud storage service.

It must be noted that Microsoft announced this past October that it was working on a new scan and match feature for Xbox Music. It now seems like the Xbox Music service that MS announced will in fact be replaced by the aforementioned service. It wouldn’t make much sense for Microsoft to launch two competing cloud based music services, so it seems like the music service announced by MS in October is gone for good. The service is expected to go live sometime during 2013, with no full details available yet. With Amazon and Google having their own cloud based music services, it would be interesting to see if Microsoft’s new offering will do some damage.


So is there a remote possibility of seeing the Xbox Music and SkyDrive Music Player separately? The chances of that happening are very slim, but we don’t rule it out. Although, as WP Central states, Microsoft would not want to confuse its users by having two services of the same nature. Some users were actually able to stream music right from their SkyDrive account, and then reportedly, the files were pulled off from their account. Could it be Microsoft testing out the said music feature? We’ll know in the days to come.

This new feature is certainly a welcome addition, especially for Windows Phone users who rely heavily on SkyDrive for their cloud storage needs. Microsoft should bring this feature to the fore sooner rather than later, so as to reduce the number of migrations to other competing cloud music services.

Source: LiveSide
Via: WP Central