Select Canadians Seeing Nexus 4 Shipping Confirmation Emails


A couple of weeks ago on December 3rd, Google gave Canadians another chance to grab the Nexus 4, albeit a short chance with how fast it ran out of stock. Some of those orders won’t be fulfilled until January, unfortunately, but others are finding out that the device will be in their hands long before that. Google has sent out a couple of shipping notifications to a select number of Canadians who’s phones have been shipped. That said, some Canadians may just see the device before Christmas comes around. This will definitely be a good thing for those who ordered a device for a loved one in hopes of giving it to them on Christmas day.

Google has had two more shipments of stock available for buyers, and it wasn’t a surprise when they sold out in a mere few minutes. That said, there are quite a few customers who still have hopes of purchasing a Nexus 4. Many hope that the device will be back in stock soon, but I’m not entirely sure that we’ll be seeing any massive orders for quite some time now.

While you wait though, there are a plethora of Nexus 4’s on e-Bay available to buy (albeit very expensive). Not only that, but you could also look into grabbing the rubber bumper for the Nexus 4 off of the Play Store.

Have any of you receiving shipping confirmation for the Nexus 4? Are you a lucky customer who has already received their device from Google? Let us know in the comments section below!

source: Phone Arena

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