Sega Slashes Prices of its Android and iOS Titles to Under $2


We all love shopping for apps on the respective app hubs. But big ticket developers don’t make it easy on us by charging a premium for their exclusive apps. Mostly ranging from $1.99 to $6.99 these apps don’t go easy on our wallets. And it seems like Sega understands that as the developing house has just announced the price reduction of 26 mobile titles. Most of these are iOS titles, with only five Android titles included in the promotion, and that is because there aren’t many titles on Android, but it should be a welcome addition nonetheless. Games like Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Ep 1, Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Ep 2 and Sonic CD are now selling for $0.99. Jet Set Radio and Total War Battles are priced at $1.99 on the Google Play Store. Japanese developers Sega are originally known for the popular Sonic the Hedgehog and Virtua Fighter series of games. Sega is a well-known name in the video game development as well as the console arena, in the works since the early 80s.

Sega also slashed the prices of 21 iOS titles, which is great news for iOS users. Even here, not all games are down to $0.99. Jet Set Radio, Crazy Taxi and Total War Battles will cost $1.99 while the rest of the 18 games will only cost $0.99 till the promotion lasts. The sheer number of iOS apps by Sega in comparison to Android apps is alarming. It is immediately clear that Sega has near to 4x more apps on the iTunes AppStore in comparison to the Google Play Store. However most of these games are merely small titles and don’t give too much work for the GPU. This promotion will last till January 3, so we recommend you get as many apps as possible while you can.


App developers are taking to the holiday season to slash the prices of their titles. Not only does this increase the number of sales of the apps, but also makes the app more attractive to almost everybody out there. Plenty of users shy away from apps just because they’re paid and promotions like these go a long way in making them more approachable. Gameloft is known to carry out such promotions as it did last year. This year it has already announced promotions for iOS users although Android users are still waiting for the $0.99 apps to start rolling in. And mind you, these are popular apps like the Iron Man 2, NOVA 3 and the Dark Knight Rises, so it seems like Gameloft gives more bang to the buck compared to Sega.

Source: Sega
Via: Phone Arena

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