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Samsung Will Show Off 5.5-inch 720p Flexible Display Panel at CES 2013


The CES is less than three weeks away from now and the tech world is rife with speculations as to what manufacturers would show off during the course of the event. CES is the platform to showcase any sort of technological innovation in the presence of thousands of people visiting the event. Major companies like Samsung, LG, Sharp and others will also have their representation in the event. The 2012 CES was host to a lot of new products, and we hope something greater from 2013. One company which can relate to innovation in the field of technology is Samsung. And while many thought Samsung would announce a new gadget or two at the event, we don’t see that happening, although we don’t rule it out either. But it is now being said that the South Korean juggernaut will unveil a new 5.5-inch 720p flexible display panel at the event. The word is still not out on whether this display panel will be used on the upcoming Galaxy flagship, although it has been mentioned on several occasions that the Galaxy S IV will have a standard non-flexible display.

Bear in mind that flexible displays aren’t a new innovation and Samsung itself had shown off a pretty slick 4.5-inch flexible display last year. We all were pretty excited to see the display panel used in some form, but that didn’t happen. So what we have in CES could well be just a demonstration of the display and not an actual smartphone featuring the said display. The technological advancements made by Samsung in the field is just remarkable and it would proudly like to show off the new display tech among its other products.

Display standards have been increased by HTC with the announcement of the J Butterfly. But flexible screens are somewhat of a new idea although we’ve seen plenty in the past. We would love to see how the manufacturers would innovate in terms of design of the smartphone so as to accommodate for these flexible panels. It’s all so mind boggling, so we won’t go too deep into that until we have some proof. This display panel is the same size as the display of the Galaxy Note II, so perhaps Samsung could implement this new tech in the next major phablet upgrade. But that’s still a long time from now, so we’ll know more then. Samsung’s AMOLED panels are very highly regarded for its viewing angles and deep blacks. While the company has so many things to look forward to, it also has several issues with its current smartphones to address.

Source: CNET
Via: Pocketnow

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