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Samsung Teaser Video Reveals Something New is Coming At CES 2013


Samsung is always in the news when it comes to technology. And it continues to be in the news even today with the Galaxy S IV rumors and everything related to the yet to be announced mystery device. And now Samsung has uploaded a teaser video for the upcoming CES 2013 convention, hinting that something new is coming from the company. And as expected people are busy speculating as to what device or new innovation Samsung is coming up with this time. CES is seen as a platform for manufacturers to showcase their products irrespective of what the device is, as long as it’s pertaining to electronics or technology. This is where the Motorola XOOM was first announced almost two years ago. This year’s CES saw the likes of the HTC Titan II, Sony Xperia S and the Xperia ion break cover. But generally speaking, we don’t see a lot of smartphones being announced at CES, as there’s a dedicated event for smartphones and tablet announcements (Mobile World Congress). So what will Samsung announce at the 2013 CES?

Samsung’s teaser doesn’t reveal much, as you would imagine. But it is being said that Samsung could possibly announce the new range of flexible/unbreakable AMOLED displays which will apparently be used in the new Galaxy S IV. All of this is merely speculation of course, as Samsung has only mentioned that “something new” is on the cards. Samsung makes a range of products from displays to storage devices, so speculating becomes an even tougher job. It could be anything from TVs to a new technological innovation.

One thing is for sure though, whatever Samsung launches or announces, it will certainly fetch a lot of eyeballs. As we already mentioned, it is more likely that we’ll see the new rumored flexible display from the company. But Samsung could surprise us all by launching something entirely different. We’ll know more in a few days. The CES takes place every year in Las Vegas, Nevada in the month of January. CES 2013 will begin on the 8th of Jan and will extend up to Jan 11. What do you think about this new Samsung teaser? What could it be?

Source: Samsung Tomorrow
Via: Android Central

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