Samsung Reported To Ship Over 350 Million Smartphones in 2013


The smartphone market is currently being ruled by Samsung with no other company coming even close to denting the company’s marketshare. The Koreans even managed to sneak up on Nokia when it came to total handset shipments. So one would say the company is having a great couple of years at the office. And according to a report emerging from industry sources that have access to what goes on around Samsung, the company could be looking to ship a total of 500 million handsets next year out of which 350 million will be smartphones. This certainly means that the market for smartphones is increasing, and we will see more people carrying smartphones in 2013. I wonder where this will bring the feature phones, as the number seems to be heavily depleting with each passing day.

350 million out of an estimated 860 to 900 million smartphones reported to be shipped in 2013 is a resounding number. This will bring Samsung’s smartphone marketshare to 40%. This number should surprise no one with the company’s current form and the successors to the Galaxy S III and the Note II launching next year, with the former being the first to launch. It is still not known as to when the device will launch exactly, but the internet is rife with speculations that the device will trump all flagships as has been the case with previous iterations of the Galaxy flagship. However, things are slightly different this year with HTC, Sony and LG all eagerly looking to make a comeback in the mobile arena. HTC has already teased us all with the Butterfly J in Japan and the Droid DNA in the U.S, but these are exclusive to limited locations, so the world is eagerly anticipating the release of the new global HTC flagship or shall we say the M7. The company however has lowered its expectations for 2013 as we reported previously. Undoubtedly, even this year the competition will be neck and neck, especially with manufacturers like Oppo and Huawei read to launch their flagship 1080p droids.

And then there’s Apple with the iPhone 5, managing to get some good sales off the device. Nokia should also do fairly well, but not in the smartphone department. RIM is launching BlackBerry 10 next month with launch scheduled to happen shortly after that, which should also see a fair amount of takers. ┬áSo 2013 is certainly going to be a very eventful year for mobile enthusiasts, and looking at the current pace it will undoubtedly surpass the achievements made in 2012.

Source: Digitimes
Via: Phone Arena