Samsung Releases New Commercial For Galaxy Camera Featuring James Franco


Samsung has always done a great job with their commercials and has produced a great amount for the Galaxy S III. Now it’s the Galaxy Camera’s time to shine. The commercial was uploaded just this morning featuring famous actor James Franco. The commercial will give you a good laugh or two while Franco demonstrates how the Galaxy Camera works in real-life scenarios. In example, one scene shows a party guest falling in the water with his camera shorting it out and losing all of his photos. Franco then demonstrates that the Galaxy Camera backs all of your photos up on the Cloud so if a similar situation were to happen you would still have access to all of your photos. Samsung probably has their own app that does this, but since the Galaxy Camera is essentially a Galaxy S III strapped to the back of a camera, I would assume you could back-up your photos to your favorite cloud storage space like Drive or Dropbox.

Make sure to check out the commercial below!

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