Samsung Publishes Teaser Video For CES 2013

As you know, the 2013 Consumers Electronic Show (CES) is coming up fast. We only have less than a month to wait before we can see all of the new technologies that companies have been hard at work on. That said, Samsung has released a teaser video for CES. The problem? We actually have no idea as to what they will be showing or “teasing.”

I have a few ideas as to what we’ll be seeing and what we won’t be seeing though. We probably will not be seeing a new Galaxy S device. Chances of that are really low. If anything, we would probably see another Galaxy S device at the Mobile World Congress, but I’d imagine we would actually be awaiting for another Unpacked-like event. At CES in 2013, we’ll probably be seeing the new Samsung ATIV S Windows Phone. I’d assume that we’d be seeing some sort of tablet as well (I’d assume it’d be a better rendition of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 or something).

As you know, Samsung mainly has been focused on Android, so we may be seeing a lot of news surrounding that. Albeit, this could all be about their rebranding and we may not see a whole lot of technology from the company after all.

source: Pocket Now

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