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Samsung Mobile Beam Projector Appears Online; On Sale in Korea

Samsung’s efforts to incorporate a Pico projector into their mobile phone did not really take off, but the idea was a revolutionary one.  The company has not given up on that vision and has developed a pocket-sized projector for its mobile phones which works as a separate accessory.  The projector is about the same size as the Samsung Galaxy SIII and can be hooked to different devices and smartphone types including laptops, media players and any gadget with an HDMI or MHL output.

This new development from the South Korean company may not be the newest idea in the market but it sure can prove to be beneficial to those who would need to project their displays for a larger audience or for their own entertainment.  This cool and stylish portable projector easily connects to the devices via an HDMI or MHL port and does not require much configuration.  It measures just 11.6 by 60.4 cm and is 12.2 cm thick, weighs only 80g but it offers a nHD image of up to 640 x 360 pixels resolution, up to 20 lumens brightness (offers 15 lumens in normal operation) and has a 1,650mAh internal battery and 0.5W speaker for audio playback

Besides being an external projector, the Samsung Mobile Beam Projector EAD-R10 can also be used as an HML dongle.  This means that it is possible to connect your phone’s HDMI display to an external monitor via the projector.  This could come in handy for those users who like to integrate their multimedia devices or play media from a central device at home and on the move without the need to access data remotely or transfer files via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The projector’s resolution is disappointing to say the least, but it is a lot of improvement from the previous 320 x 20 pixels resolution that the projector phone could offer.  A brightness of 20 lumens on the other hand is quite impressive, especially for a device that runs on an internal battery.  We are not sure though how long that battery lasts on a single charge, but we do hope it lasts long enough to make the projector useful and suitable for office use – as long as the 2 hour usage time it promises.

The Samsung Mobile Beam Projector EAD-R10 is a revolutionary device in mobile computing but unfortunately it is available only in South Korea at the moment.  There is no news as to whether the company intends to make it available globally, especially in the North American market at the moment.  If you would like to have one, you may have to buy it online from Korean retailers for 239,000 won (about $237).

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