Samsung Launches Galaxy S III Christmas Ad,

Samsung Logo

With the Samsung Galaxy S III breaking record sales, it is without a doubt one of the most popular Android smartphones available. Not only that, but it is the very first time where a Samsung device has been able to compete with the iPhone with sales numbers. Surely the numbers that Samsung has seen with the S III has a little something to deal with their ad campaign. It is without a doubt that “the next big thing is already here” campaign has been more than successful.

The whole goal of the campaign was to get those who were waiting for the iPhone to get or try out a Galaxy S III. Obviously the advertising campaign has slowed down quite a bit, as the iPhone 5 has now launched, but that doesn’t mean Samsung has stopped advertising completely! Samsung has gotten into the Christmas spirit with this latest ad. It’s a brilliant ad and will surely make a few iPhone users out there a bit jealous due to their lack of NFC (Near Field Communication).  Make sure to watch Samsung’s Christmas ad below!

While were watching Samsung Christmas ads, you mine as well watch their most recent one as well! Granted, it’s a rendition of an ad they’ve previously done, but still entertaining nonetheless.