Samsung Galaxy S3 extended 3000mAh battery available for pre-order


Samsung is set to ship out its extended 3000mAh battery engineered for Galaxy S III in the U.K. The company’s flagship handset has a battery life of 2100mAh only, which may not enough for most power users. The idea of shipping out a much bigger battery pack could be a sign that Samsung already reached a stage where it cannot find any more aspects to improve in its device to maximize its battery life. Users who are interested may pre-order it from the accessories retailer Mobile Fun.

The additional 900mAh will give users extra hours to use their device. While nobody outside Samsung has tested how long the bigger battery would last, the extra power will surely add at least, 40% more of Galaxy S3’s current battery life and that’s something owners would be thankful for.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note II comes packed with 3100mAh battery that could last up to 16 hours of straight talk time over 3G (35 on 2G and this was proven to be true). It is expected that the extended battery pack can power Galaxy S3 just as long or even more considering it is not a hybrid and that it has smaller components.

Included in the kit is the actual 3000mAh cell, a back cover made to fit and hold the extended battery. The back cover, which is available in blue and white colors, also has an embedded NFC chip.

Those who are planning to pre-order this battery will need to pay £39 or US$64.99 to have one unit reserved plus a delivery fee that varies depending on how far the destination is. In the UK, the delivery fee will cost around £2.99 up to £9.95.

This may sound a bit expensive and it is expected of all accessories of Galaxy S3 because the device itself is not cheap to begin with. Besides, having a battery that could last throughout the day to power your device is worth it especially for people whose jobs depend on communication with their bosses.

Users who will buy the extended battery for their Samsung Galaxy S III should expect their phones to become heavier and bulkier than before. The bigger battery will apparently add weight to the device but it’s not inconvenient at all because the device is light in the first place. Looking at the bright side, owners who would get the 3000mAh battery will automatically have a spare battery.

The extended battery kit is not available in the U.S. market yet and there have been no updates of its availability. But with Samsung dying to dominate in the US mobile market, it is almost impossible to think the company will just leave its customers across the pond hanging. The thing is many Americans already said they are interested in buying the extra power extender from Samsung. It is just a matter of time before the Korean manufacturer would make an announcement regarding the 3000mAh extended battery’s availability in the US.

[pre-order at: Mobile Fun | news source: Phone Arena | image: Android Authority]