Samsung’s Galaxy S III Could Have a Rather Weak Motherboard Causing the Device to Die Off


Samsung’s Galaxy S III is a widely popular smartphone with millions and millions of users all over the world. However, since recently, Samsung has been hearing complaints of its flagship smartphone. We’re talking about the Exynos exploit of course, which would give the ability to third party apps to read and wipe your RAM without skipping a beat. Samsung has promised a fix for the said bug, and it should be live in due time. And now, the Galaxy S III apparently has another new issue, but this time related to the internal circuitry of the device which would apparently make the phone stop working. Threads over at XDA Forums and Reddit are currently buzzing with the said issue and it seems like the motherboard has something to do with it. Other reports have claimed that the S3’s NAND memory is the culprit. According to a Reddit post – “Tl;Dr – S3 mainboards dying for no reason, Samsung replacing mainboards for free, but no new hardware revision so it might just happen again”. With whatever we could understand from the above statement, it is clear that the motherboard is causing the device to die off.

It is believed that Samsung replaces/repairs the affected units for free even if the device is rooted or has a custom ROM, so that’s great news should you own a CM 10 running Galaxy S III. Samsung clearly hasn’t come out with a word on this issue yet, but we’re guessing it isn’t widespread. And even if it is, Samsung is not the company to shy away from it. As you might have read above, Samsung hasn’t revised its circuitry with a fix, so this problem could relapse even with a repaired unit. Things don’t look all that bright for Samsung as one bad thing after the other is being reported about its premium smartphone. However, this could merely be an isolated incident as with many cases.

Regardless, it seems like an issue Samsung would want to look into, internally. There might not be much cause for worry with the next flagship just around the corner, but Samsung honestly cannot afford to take it easy with this. Let’s hope we hear a word or two about the glitch, if at all it’s real. If you own a Galaxy S III in the U.S or anywhere else in the world, there’s no real need to worry, because if something does go wrong, Samsung will be happy to fix it for you.

Source: XDA Developers, Reddit
Via: Pocketnow