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Samsung Galaxy S III Most Popular Smartphone in the UK


Smartphones today require more than just brand value to sell in the market. While people have been fairly favorable towards the iPhone over the years, things have begun to heat up for Apple with competitors stepping up their game in a major way. Samsung in particular has grown and benefited immensely with its barrage of Android smartphones leaving behind the rest of the competitors. And now, according to a new ranking chart set up by uSwitch, Samsung’s Galaxy S III is the most popular smartphone in the UK. These rankings are based on searches, monthly sales numbers and pre orders.

The region has been a stronghold of Android OEMs with companies like Samsung and HTC always showing decent sales figures. However, this time it’s Samsung on the top spot followed by Apple’s iPhone 4S. Yes, the iPhone 4S and not the iPhone 5 as you would have imagined. The iPhone 5 is ranked third in the list, which is not good news for Apple as the device has been available for a good two months now. Apple will undoubtedly make up for the sales in the U.S, but outside of the U.S Apple doesn’t have great numbers to brag of. The reason behind the iPhone 4S being ranked in #2 is believed to be due to the recent price cuts of the device. Regardless, Apple has some thinking to do. The customers are seeing the iPhone 4S as a more worthy buy compared to the iPhone 5, which is never good news.

Sadly for Google, the LG Nexus 4 is placed at 5th which is one spot behind the Galaxy S II from mid-2011. There are a total of five Samsung Galaxy smartphones in the list and only one HTC smartphone (One X) in the rankings. This speaks volumes of Samsung’s dominance in the mobile arena. Yet another point to be noted, as rightly stated by Phone Arena, is that there is not a single Windows Phone device in the top ten list. This is not surprising, as we’ve been used to not seeing Windows Phones do all that well in the market anyways. However, things were said to be much better with Windows Phone 8. Retailers even reported good sales of handsets like the Nokia Lumia 920 and the HTC 8X. But sadly, that doesn’t seem to reflect in the overall sales of the devices. It is however still early days for the platform, and since we’re only taking the UK market into consideration here, we can’t really call it a failure. So there you have it folks, the Samsung Galaxy S III is still the top dog in the UK, for the 7th consecutive month apparently. If that tells you anything about the craze and following for the device, imagine what the overall global sales would do to you. We would however like to see some Windows Phones making its way to the list as well.

Here’s the chart of top ten smartphones in the UK right now.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S III
  2. Apple iPhone 4S
  3. Apple iPhone 5
  4. Samsung Galaxy S II
  5. LG Nexus 4
  6. Samsung Galaxy Ace
  7. Samsung Galaxy Note II
  8. Samsung Galaxy Ace II
  9. Sony Xperia U
  10. HTC One X

Source: Trusted Reviews
Via: Phone Arena

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