Samsung Galaxy Note III: Hardware Speculations

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While the Note II has just recently launched, it is not too early to speculate about the successor. In fact, we have already been seeing a few rumors surface around the Samsung Galaxy Note III and the hardware possibilities the device has.

Wireless Charging


Those old USB chargers are not going to be needed in the next few years as companies start marching forward with wireless charging technology. Modders have managed to add wireless charging to the Samsung Galaxy Note II, albeit it does usually take the device longer to charge with wireless charging. Regardless, Samsung themselves even considered adding wireless charging to the Samsung Galaxy Note II, which is why we are led to believe that the Samsung Galaxy Note III will have full wireless charging capabilities. Not only that, but there are a number of smartphones that will have wireless charging capabilities next year. With Samsung being a pretty big influence in the smartphone industry, it would be assumed that the Samsung Galaxy Note III would be capable of wireless charging.

Eight Core CPU


It is quite possible that we will be seeing a 1.8GHz or even 2GHz eight-core CPU in the Galaxy Note III. Earlier this year we saw leaked information claiming that Samsung would be unveiling their eight-core ARM processors in February of 2013 at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (I swear someone who is not a geek would think this was a NASCAR conference). While we may be seeing an unveiling of an eight-core CPU, we may not see the chip in the S IV however. This is due to how close together announcements will be simply because of the need for mass production. Regardless of the possibility that the S IV may not see this chip, it is highly possible that we’ll be seeing it in the Samsung Galaxy Note III, as we are a good year out before Samsung (might) release the device.

Flexible Display


This is almost a given. There is almost no doubt that we’ll be seeing flexible displays on some of Samsung’s most popular devices like the Galaxy S IV and Galaxy Note III. Samsung has been very open about their flexible display production and often announces delayed production. Samsung claims that this is the year that we will be seeing flexible displays though. In fact, it’s been rumored that we would see them by summer of 2013 (possibly on the Galaxy S IV?). If we see them in summer of 2013, we’ll probably be seeing them later that year on the Note III as well!

More Battery Power


Everyone has been saying that 2013 is the “Year of the Battery.” Hopefully it is. Sure it’s nice seeing processor speeds and better graphics chips in our devices, but what is all that technology worth if your smartphone can’t stay powered on long enough for you to utilize the technology? If this is indeed the “Year of the Battery,” we’ll probably be seeing batteries as large as 4000 mAh in our smartphones. If we wanted to stretch the imagination a little bit, 5000 mAh could even be a possibility. We already have 3100 mAh batteries in some of our smartphones, surely another 900 mAh would not be something difficult to achieve.

What do you think we’ll be seeing in the Samsung Galaxy Note III?

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