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Samsung Galaxy Note II: S-Pen Review [Part 1]

As you know, the S-Pen is one of the key features of the Samsung Galaxy Note II. I personally see the S-Pen features as the perfect fit for entrepreneurs out in the world. In most cases, entrepreneurs are constantly working and trying to get their business started up, and most entrepreneurs are always having good ideas. The S-Pen is an extremely handy tool for this type of person with them being so busy, as it is extremely easy to just pull the S-Pen out, jot down a note to think about at a later time, and then you won’t have to worry about forgetting the idea. This is just one of many ways that the S-Pen is extremely helpful with the Galaxy Note II specifically (if you didn’t know, the S-Pen is integrated in other Note products as well).

The S-Pen is an outstanding piece of hardware. It fits nicely in your hands, and really isn’t that large. It’s extremely easy to send text messages or emails with or more simply put: it’s extremely easy to write with in general. Consumers that are looking at the Galaxy Note II for writing down notes easily, looking for extra functionality in a smartphone or are just someone that wants to doodle in an app, the Galaxy Note II’s S-Pen features will fit perfectly. The S-Pen is very lightweight, it isn’t bulky and fits into the Note II’s S-Pen slot easily with little-to-no force needed. At first it seemed like a tool that I personally wouldn’t use a whole lot, but I find myself taking advantage of Samsung’s S-Pen apps a couple of times a day, specifically S Note.

The S-Pen isn’t “just” a stylus. It’s essentially its own piece of hardware integrated into Samsung’s Android-based TouchWiz interface. As a consumer, one may not think that the $299 (a good $699 or so depending if you’re going on a new contract or not) the Galaxy Note II currently costs is actually worth it. It’s okay to think that, as it is a subjective opinion, but people need to keep in mind that your getting a very large package for what you’re actually paying. The features that the S-Pen brings to the Galaxy Note II, to me, is worth a good $299 alone. The technology that is there is simply amazing, and the potential that developers have with the S-Pen SDK is even greater.

I do have a minor complaint about the S-Pen, but it’s really not about the S-Pen itself. It’s more of the fact that there does not seem to be a whole lot of developers on board with the idea of a S-Pen SDK, which is very unfortunate, as the S-Pen does have a lot of potential if developers got a hold of it. We may see some community-built S-Pen apps in the future, most likely when the price of the device itself goes down. For now though, I will keep an eye on S Suggest hoping a genius developer will come out of the woodwork with a great idea for the S-Pen.

Now, the question is: is the S-Pen worth the $299 or $699 that the consumer would pay for on the Galaxy Note II. That’s entirely up to the individual to decide. We all value different things differently. For me, the S-Pen alone was worth the price of the device, simply because of the potential that it has with the SDK and the apps that are already built-in with it.

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