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Samsung Galaxy Note II in Black isn’t Real After All


The Samsung Galaxy Note II is one of the hottest selling smartphones today and with good reason. Its sheer power and the display real estate make it a must have for all power users. If there’s one area where the smartphone falls behind, it is in terms of its looks. Although most people don’t mind the glossy plastic back cover, the color options are rather limited (which is the case with any smartphone really). But recently, we were teased of a new black variant of the Galaxy Note II which managed to get us all excited. What made it more interesting was the high res image of the said variant and a piece of information which suggested that this new variant will be shown off at CES 2013. And it now seems like there’s no reason to be excited at all, as this variant never existed in the first place. The black Galaxy Note II apparently was the work of a Samsung fan who wanted the world to see how a black Galaxy Note II would look.

It’s rather disappointing that the black Galaxy Note II doesn’t exist in reality, because I’m sure many were eagerly looking forward to that one. There were reports of newer color variants of the Galaxy Note II surfacing in the future, but none of these have been confirmed yet. But considering that we’ve had the Galaxy S III in the red color variant along with the two standard colors, it wouldn’t be wrong to speculate that the Note II will sparkle in those colors too. As of now, users are only able to get the Galaxy Note II in Marble White or Titanium Grey color variants. So the addition of a few new color variants would certainly be a welcome addition. Early rumors suggested that the Galaxy Note II will be made available in Ruby Wine, Amber Brown and Topaz White. With the CES just around the corner, we will not completely rule that out for now.

Would you like to see the Galaxy Note II in these color variants, and why? Voice your opinion by leaving a comment below.

Source: Into Mobile
Via: Phone Arena

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