Samsung Galaxy Note getting official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update with multi-window feature

Samsung launched a webpage that confirms the original Galaxy Note will be getting Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update that brings many of the features found in Galaxy Note II. While this news isn’t a surprise anymore, it might still excite owners knowing there wouldn’t be much difference between the old and new Notes as far as software and user interface are concerned. Dubbed as Premium Suite upgrade, there are a lot of things owners can enjoy after deploying such update.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung didn’t give out details as to when this update will be rolled out. Taking into consideration the fact that there are only a couple of days left before this year would be over, it is safe to assume the roll out may happen in January 2013. This could be a good New Year present for Galaxy Note owners. Here are some of the features owners will enjoy.

Galaxy Note Premium Suite Features

Multi Window. This feature will bring real multi-tasking to Galaxy Note; owners can now use two apps simultaneously. This is also among the most anticipated features owners of high-end Samsung devices are waiting to receive.  Not only does it add to the versatility of the device, it also makes it more of a tablet than a smartphone.

Popup Note, Browser, Video. With Popup Note, it is easier to write down notes, directions or phone numbers while on call. Popup Browser and Video allow users to browse the web or watch video while doing something else.

Photo Note, Frame. Owners can add or preserve memories of the shot they’ve taken by adding some hand-written messages on the back or front side of their photos. The Photo Frame, of course, encloses your photos with some cool, pre-designed frames.

Enhanced S Note. There are new templates and effects added to the original S Note not mention new Effects and Image Filters owners can use to add more feelings to their photos.

Above all, Galaxy Note will be running faster and better version of Android operating system that comes packed with Google Now, a new innovation by Google that provides information based on search history, time and location automatically.

This update, while we still don’t know when it would rolled out, is a necessary one to make the first generation Galaxy Note even better.

[source: Samsung]