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Samsung Galaxy Camera with LTE radio passes through FCC

Galaxy Camera, Samsung’s most aberrant and atypical release has been confined solely to AT&T for buyers in the US. However an FCC filing alleges and adduces that Verizon Wireless may soon offer the Android device.  The filing reveals a Galaxy Camera with an LTE radio, as well as the essential Wi-Fi and GPS antennas. The presence of an LTE radio doesn’t mean that the product is condemned to any particular carrier, the filing unveils that the radio is for LTE Band 13 and this is used by Verizon Wireless. It’s very surprising that the camera does not possess a 3G CDMA radio to fall back onto. And according to the FCC documentation, this means that users will have to stay without internet access in the most of the rural and suburb areas excepting the LTE service.

When the first announcement of Galaxy Camera’s AT&T’s version was made, it made a point of contention that Samsung opted and decided to keep the device nearly identical and analogous to the international variant, omitting LTE in favor of slower HSPA as well as connectivity. However according to the reports Samsung will accompany an LTE version of the camera to carriers SK Telecom and KT. Particularly and exceptionally the report alleges that, unlike the supposed Verizon version revealed, the device would have 3G connectivity as well as LTE. Regardless of the evidence, it’s important and substantial to keep in mind that all products that passed through the FCC are released, while the device acknowledged and cited in the FCC filing is most likely to head for Verizon. People are still wondering why this wasn’t really done earlier. Further they feel this would make a good device geared towards live blogging.

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