Samsung finally debuts the First-Ever Android-powered 3G Camera


Samsung, the world-leader in innovation, has reaffirmed its stature in the world of technology by launching the world’s first Android-powered 3G camera in Ghana. Considering Samsung’s extensive range of smartphones, tablets as well as cameras, the birth of such an innovative ‘hybrid species’ was eminent.

Marketed under the tagline- ‘connected camera begins’, this tablet-cum-camera would provide the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean experience, support 3G/4G connectivity, and flaunt an amazing 16.3 MP camera.

The camera comes with exciting features like Smart Pro technology, which moderates the settings to suit the surrounding scenario, and clicks the most perfect photos. The camera comes with inbuilt Wi-Fi, 3G/4G connectivity, which allows you to share the photos as soon as you click them. You can send the photos through Email, Chat-On Messenger, WhatsApp, Dropbox and even upload them to Samsung’s cloud storage.

The GALAXY camera also boasts a large 4.8” (121.2mm) HD Super Clear LCD screen, which renders pictures with stunning clarity. The most impressive aspect of the Galaxy camera is the super-long zoom lens, which features 21x zooming.  The camera features a brilliant 16M BSI CMOS sensor, which helps you take sharp pictures without draining off too much power. To top that, the phone is backed up by a quad-core processor that facilitates super-fast image processing, efficient multi-tasking, and smooth web-browsing, without draining off the battery.


Business Head for Hand Held Products at Samsung, Jaspreet Singh, mentions that “Our customers are at the heart of the design of the Samsung Galaxy camera; we know that our customers love to capture high quality memorable and fun moments they relish every day, and be able to share them instantly with loved ones; that is why this device comes with fun features such as the ‘Smart Content Manager’, an innovative on-device organization tool which intelligently creates folders, tags faces, and even suggests which pictures to delete when they don’t come out as desired.”

“It comes with 35 powerful photo-editing features through the ‘Photo Wizard’ and Movie Wizard’, which allows users to make professional quality edits on the go, in addition to creating and editing expert-quality videos easily with the touch screen. Once the images have been taken, the convenient ‘Auto Upload’ feature automatically saves and stores precious photos into the cloud via Samsung’s ‘AllShare’ tool. The ‘Share Shot’ feature also allows images to be shared instantly with users able to share photos at the same time they shoot.”

He adds that, “Without second doubts, the Samsung Galaxy Camera would empower a path-breaking technology, which would be on an altogether different frontier. It would enrich the lifestyles of millions of people, and help them stay connected in a unique way”

The tablet-cum-camera is expected to alter the dynamics of the camera segment, forever. People can now click breath-taking sharp photos, share them instantly, and if they’re bored- they can play games as well. Not only games, you can do possibly everything with the camera that you can do with the smartphone- like you can check mails, edit videos, surf the web, and even listen to your favorite music.

It’s amazing how Samsung blends in two different devices in a subtle way, and comes up with amazingly ‘phabulous’ gadgets. Firstly, it diminished the gap between tablets and smartphones with the phablet- ‘Galaxy NOTE’, and now it is looking to close the gap between ‘Cameras’ and ‘tablets’ by launching the ‘Samsung Galaxy Camera’.

Share your views on this! Do you think this Camera concept would actually ‘click’ with the masses? We feel it would.

Read more about the Samsung Galaxy Camera, here.


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