Samsung Denying Child Labor Accusations…Again

Samsung Logo on a board

Samsung has — once again — responded and rejected to claims made by the China Labor Watch saying that one of Samsung’s component suppliers, HTNS Shenzhen, was hiring workers underage. Samsung headed up an investigation into these allegations, which concluded yesterday revealing that the employee in questions was indeed over the age of 18. Two other works who were also accused of being hired underage were found to be over the age of 18 when they were originally hired as well. While Samsung Electronics has been said to have poor working conditions, they have had a good track record of not violating any sort of international laws unlike Apple’s supplier, Foxconn.

Samsung manufactures 90-percent of their own components, but like most manufacturers they still rely on specific pieces that they can’t produce themselves. Due to how mainstream this accusation from the China Labor Watch has been, Samsung has announced that they would be providing better hiring practices. This includes face-to-face interviews and implementing electronic devices that will be able to detect fake ID’s (fake ID’s have been getting increasingly popular in China).

After Samsung’s recent success with the Galaxy S III and Note II, they have a huge reputation. There’s no doubt that they would want to try and uphold that reputation by bettering their hiring practices. Make sure to hit the source link below for the full statement from Samsung.

source: Samsung Tomorrow
via: Android Central

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