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Samsung Ativ S Launches In Austria, Other Markets Should Follow Soon


The Samsung Ativ S has often alluded people for a number of reasons. First, Samsung surprised one and all by launching a WP8 device before anyone else. Then there were reports of delay in the launching of the device in some markets. Samsung seemed pretty confident of launching the device in time for the holiday season though, even when recent reports claimed that the device had been pushed to February 2013. And that seems to be well in line now with the device finally launching in Austria. Yes, only in Austria for now, the Ativ S has finally seen a release.

What this means is that a wider roll out isn’t long away, starting from Europe and followed by the Asian markets. T-Mobile Austria apparently has the device in stock now and it’s not a pre order listing. There’s no shipping date mentioned though, but it should arrive in a week’s time depending on when the customers place the order. It was reported a couple of days ago that the Ativ S would first break cover in Austria, for reasons unknown. And it seems like the info was legit after all. However if Samsung has to get some of the holiday season business, it will have to act fast and launch the device on a global scale as its almost mid-way through the last month of the year.

The Ativ S has certain advantages over other WP8 devices, which as most of you might know is pertaining to the size and onboard features of the device. The device comes with 16GB of internal storage with a microSD card slot which can handle cards of up to 64GB. So that’s basically 80GB of storage unlike any other WP8 device out there. I guess porting hardware from a widely popular smartphone has its perks. The Ativ S has been known as the WP8 version of the Samsung Galaxy S III, which isn’t entirely wrong to be honest. The device shares the same CPU (as the American GS3 variants), the display and the camera sensor to name a few. And it’s one of the few (or only) WP8 smartphones out there with a removable back cover. And it doesn’t have that glossy plastic look which is familiar with most of Samsung’s smartphones. Early reviewers suggested that while the back cover was made out of plastic, it gave out a metallic look, which isn’t a bad touch.

Expect Samsung to provide more clarity on the launch of the Ativ S in other global markets. As of now, Austrian users can rejoice to have one of the best WP8 smartphones in the market. Reports of Samsung deliberately delaying the launch of the smartphone don’t seem all that true now, perhaps Samsung was getting its suite of Windows Phone apps ready. We’ll know more in the coming days.

Source: T-Mobile Austria
Via: WP Central

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