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Samsung Ativ S Coming by the “End of the Year” Claims Samsung


It appears to us as if Samsung has been pretty hesitant to launch the Ativ S in the market. There have been plenty of theories about the delay, many claiming that it was deliberate. However, Samsung is set to prove them wrong as the company spoke to WP Central and mentioned that the WP8 device will be launched by the end of this year. This statement comes a couple of days after it was claimed that the device has been postponed to February 2013. We’re not sure if Samsung actually meant it or if it was just another comment to keep aspiring buyers hopeful of the launch. Samsung has been known for WP7 smartphones like the Focus and the Focus S which are still fairly popular on AT&T. With the announcement of the Ativ S, Samsung promised to change the dynamics of Windows Phones once and for all. But Nokia pretty much took away the limelight from Samsung’s launch, not that Samsung is too worried about that.

Certain retailers around the globe have been eagerly anticipating the new Samsung device. Some of them in fact have advertisements and brochures of the device in their stores but no device itself to show the customers. Not only will this turn out very bad for Samsung, but will also make the company lose its credibility in the WP8 arena. Perhaps the company is too focused on Android right now, which it should be, but the Ativ S could have greatly helped a platform like Windows Phone 8 gain some marketshare.

Microsoft has a lot of marketing power at its disposal, which means that Samsung doesn’t have to do much for the device to sell. All Samsung had to do was launch the device in time for the scheduled November 2012 time frame. It is very likely that Samsung came across some hardware difficulties with the Ativ S, which can justify the delay. But with many of the reviewers having spent some time with the device, there were no issues as such. We’ll never know what Samsung has in its mind for the Windows Phone 8 arena and as of now it’s only HTC and Nokia which have WP8 smartphones in the market. Samsung has also apparently delayed the launch of the Ativ Smart PC in some markets. Let’s hope Samsung somehow manages to pay attention to both Android and WP8, as fans of the Galaxy lineup would certainly take a liking to the Ativ S. And from a personal opinion, the Ativ S is pretty much Samsung’s Windows Phone version of the Galaxy S III.

Source: WP Central
Via: Pocketnow

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