Redbox Instant Service Still In Beta, App Arrives In Play Store


Redbox Instant has just released on Android and iOS, but the streaming service has just come into its official beta. This essentially means that users shouldn’t be expecting as much quality as you would expect with the Netflix app. If you want to use the Redbox Instant app, it is available in the Google Play Store, but it is required that interested participants have a beta invite in order to use the app. Those who are interested and want to try and get a beta code can hit the source link below.

Those who have rooted their devices — or are even using a Developer Edition device — will have a few issues with installing the app. When you launch Redbox Instant on any device a “5141” error will surface. It will then provide a help link that will let users know what rooting is. Since this app is essentially by Verizon, this is no surprise. Albeit we do have a guide that should allow you to download and use Redbox Instant, but it is no guarantee. If the guide does not work, you’ll have to go back to stock in order to use the app. Albeit that — in my opinion — is hardly worth switching back to stock for.

Have you gotten in the Redbox Instant beta? How does it compare to Netflix’s app at this point? Sound off in the comments section below!

source: Redbox
via: Android Central

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