Pudding Monsters Now Live At Google Play

Zeptolab, the company that gave us the popular Cut The Rope game, has a new equally addictive offering over at Google Play. Pudding Monsters is the name of the game and it’s described as a puzzle adventure with a twist. The regular version of the game is free to download while the HD version costs just 99 cents.

The game will download quickly on your Android device since it only has a 40 MB file size for the regular version and 39 MB for the HD version ( I’d always thought that the HD version would be larger). Kids of all ages will definitely love this game owing to its wacky characters and exciting gameplay.

As soon as you have installed the game on your device you will be treated with a cute introduction. The first few levels will orient you on how to play the game. It’s actually easy since all you have to do is make sure that the cute monsters meet up and combine. This is easily accomplished by sliding one monster into the other. As easy as it may sound it can actually be quite a challenge once you progress through the levels. It’s going to be very tricky and difficult for you to make sure that the monster do not fall off the table.

One thing that annoyed me though is the ads that are being displayed at the bottom of the screen. You can however disable this but to do so you need to purchase the Disable Ads app of Zeptolab over at Google Play. Aside from this little concern the game is a sure hit. There are 75 levels for you to enjoy initially with more being promised to come. You will also get to encounter different monsters with different abilities to add a twist to this sliding puzzle game.

If you are looking for a fun, cute and entertaining game like Cut The Rope then try out Pudding Monsters now.

Via Google Play

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