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Project Fiona Gaming Tablet Specs and Price Range revealed

The 10,000 likes/shares Razer has acquired from its Facebook fans serve as an indicator that Project Fiona’s development should push through. In line with this, a crowd-sourced outline of Razer’s patented 10.1-inch gaming tablet specs and its price range are already being disclosed, giving potential subscribers an early glance of what this Windows 8-powered gaming tablet can do when it is launched.

Posted on Razer Facebook’s page are important “crowd-sourced” questions commented by the requisite 10,000 fans and Facebook users. These comments mark the basis for the final specs of Project Fiona, which according to Razer’s CEO, Min-Liang Tan, is “the first gaming tablet that has been designed for gamers, by gamers.”

Potential Inner/Outer Attributes

Based on the outlined specs, the new tablet will likely be entrenched with an Intel Core i5 or i7 CPU and a Mid-Tier Discrete GPU. A Mid-Tier Discrete GPU implies a hardcore PC Gaming on the go at Medium Settings. With a mid-tier discrete graphics chipset, the device is expected to deliver ample pixel-pushing power.

As for its physical attributes, Project Fiona’s weight and thickness are likely up to double that of the most recent iPad device. The current iPad’s thickness is around 0.74 inches and weighs at around 2.88 pounds. Detachable controllers will also be among other features of this gaming tablet, which comes with a massive 10.1-inch display and a resolution of 1280×800 pixels.

Given the aforementioned specs, the device will definitely be able to run Crysis, yet, maybe not Crysis 3.

And as voted, Project Fiona is then expected to roll out with initial price range between $1299 and $1499. It is apparently more inflated than the most expensive iPad device and about the same price as some Ultrabooks with graphics cards and touchscreens integration.

Original Concept

Prior to these specs and price voting and dissemination, Razer has revealed a concept about creating a gaming device that aimed at merging the power of a PC and the portability of a tablet – more like a proper gaming laptop in a form of a tablet. The device it was referring to comprise of such premeditated attributes is no other than the Project Fiona.

Razer is among the prominent trademarks in gaming worldwide, founded in 1998 by CEO Min-Liang Tan President Robert “Razerguy” Krakoff, in San Diego California. It is a recognized manufacturer of gaming peripherals that aimed at designing the best and distinct gaming products based on cutting-edge technology. To ensure its every product is of best quality, Razer would have them individually tested by the top professional gamers prior to launching.

Project Fiona Windows 8 gaming tablet is by far, the latest Razer product that originally started as a concept at the CES 2012 and many gamers are already looking forward to give it a shot.

Razer has yet to announce a definite date as to when its Project Fiona gaming tablet will be available in the market but a prototype has already made it past the FCC. Gamers likely have to wait until the 2013 CES or a few months before seeing its final design. So far, the device merely appears as a gaming tablet with handles on both sides.

Source: Laptop Mag

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