PowerShadow i4 Review

Spyder’s PowerShadow i4 is so designed to make life a little simpler. The built-in smart technology intelligently enhances your iPhone’s power for maximum performance and reliability.  From a test conducted, it’s reported that i4 boasts a built-in 2000mAh battery pack which can charge a fully drained iPhone 4S to between 75 to 80 percent of its full capacity. This lightweight, ultra-slim polycarbonate body, with its satin rubber finish, feels opulent in your hand and easily slides into your pocket.

powershadow-2_620 (1)

 The i4 will increase the size and weight of your thin and well -built Cupertino-designed handset significantly. But for those who can’t make it through their day without using up every last bit of chunk, their iPhone can convene. The extra encumbrance is a reasonable compromise given the amount of extra power the case brings to the party. The case allows for reach to the phone’s camera and its volume and power buttons through a number of recessed holes cut into the sides and back.  You can use micro USB or use the case’s included charging dock to charge the case’s battery and the iPhone. It’s good touch that differentiates the i4 from other iPhone battery cases. To draw power from the i4 internal battery it’s very simple and easy. You just need to push a button present on the back of the case. When you see the i4’s indicator lights come on, your work is done.

Shortcomings balance out to make it a good way for you to make a choice. As long as the iPhone draws power from the i4, they never turn off. This is quite irritating and annoying. Another fact is that when you charge your handset with i4 the case becomes hot enough to make you feel uncomfortable to put it in the pocket. Spyder’s has given a battery and charging solution, reasons cannot be figured out to  why these benefits can’t come bunched up in a small amount of protection.

Charging base aids you to keep your phone case neat and out of the way when you’re charging them or putting them down for the day. But at the same time LEDs on case don’t turn off during operation. In addition to this base are fingerprint magnets and case offers no drop or fall protection to speak of. These facts really confuse people to make any choice.