Polk Audio Announces Three New Headphones Made For Android Devices

Polk Audio has just announced that the company will be offering three different types of headphones that are created specifically to work with Android-powered devices. The cool thing about this is that Polk Audio has a lot of experience when it comes to headphones and speaker systems, and they make some really high quality stuff. The headphones that are made to work with Android devices will offer full call, volume and music controls with a microphone. Is that not awesome or what? The headphones will be apart of Polk Audio’s “UltraFit” line up and are appended with an “a” in the model name to indicate the functionality that they provide. You will be able to pick up one of the three UltraFit headphones (1000a, 2000a, 3000a) in the $70-100 price range.

With Polk Audio starting to kick things off for Android specific headphones, it wouldn’t be that surprising if other manufactures decided to follow that same path. It’d be awesome to see more and more people producing accessories (not just headphones) for Android devices than just the manufactures themselves. Although, that would prove to be difficult mainly due to every phone being very different in design than the previous. It’s no Apple device where most thinks work universally. I wouldn’t see headphones or audio equipment as a problem though. Most smartphones have a built-in 3.5mm audio jack anyway.

Would you be interested in headphones for your Android device? Are they too expensive, or just the right price for what they offer? Let us know in the comments below!

source: Polk Audio
via: Android Central 

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