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Nokia Wont Showcase Its Products At CES, Will Focus on MWC Instead


Nokia is known more for its Windows Phone devices now, rather than the traditional Symbian devices which made the company so popular in the first place. Since it doesn’t have a device coming out every month like most OEMs, it requires a certain platform to showcase its device launches and grab as many eyeballs as possible. So the company was expected to showcase its new products at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at Las Vegas. However, it is now being reported that the Finns have apparently pulled out of the event to focus more on the dedicated mobile expo (MWC) being held in Barcelona just a month and a half after the CES. This move has surprised us all as Microsoft ended its partnership with CES last year, and won’t be available this year. So it was expected of Nokia to showcase its Windows Phone 8 offerings during the course of the event like it did last year.

We can understand where Nokia is coming from when it made this call, as the MWC will probably provide a bigger platform for the company and the Windows Phone 8 platform in general. There have been several mockups of future Lumia devices making the rounds in the internet, so people are already busy in speculation as to what new device Nokia has to offer. Some claim the Lumia 950 will be announced, while plenty of others mention that there’s going to be an upgraded version of the 808 Pureview smartphone as well. Let’s wait and watch if that actually happens during the course of the event in February.

So as of now, it pretty much seems like Nokia has exited the CES as an exhibitor. Which makes us wonder if there’s any representation for WP8 at the event. Of course, there’s MWC for all things mobile, but CES has always been the go to place for WP launches ever since WP7 was announced in 2010. Nokia has a tough time ahead, and there’s also RIM standing in line to launch its BlackBerry 10 smartphone (s) on January 30. So 2013 already has so much in store for us that it’s hard to be excited about just one device.

Source: WP Dang
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