Nokia Lumia 920 On DailySteals, Get ‘Em While They Last


If you’re someone who is looking to grab a SIM unlocked Nokia Lumia 920, you may just want to head on over to, as they may have something you’re interested in. They’re offering the Nokia Lumia 920 for $699 with a free wireless charging pad. Albeit, not for much longer as the deal will be ending in an hour and fifty minutes from the time of this writing.

As usual for DailySteals and other similar websites (e.g. Woot), the deal lasts until midnight EST and will come with free shipping. The downside to this deal that many may not like is that the white model is the only model available in this deal. Regardless, those who are interested in grabbing the white model will be getting themselves a factory unlocked Lumia 920 alongside a one-year warranty on the device as well. Make sure to head on over to to grab all of the details you need. And hurry! There’s only a little bit more time left before DailySteals throws up their deal for Sunday, December 16th!

Granted, you may not be interested in the whole Windows Phone 8 experience after Google announced that they wouldn’t be bringing their apps to the platform due to the lack of users.

Will any of you be grabbing a Nokia Lumia 920 from DailySteals? Do you already have one? How are you liking it thus far? Make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

source: DailySteals

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