Nokia looks for Linux software engineer. Is it a hint the company will shift to Android?

Nokia posted an ad on LinkedIn recently looking for a “Principal Software Engineer” who may have vast knowledge in Linux operating system and would handle a team in a start-up environment. Considering the Finland-based mobile phone manufacturer partnered with Microsoft in a bid to turn the company back into profitability by producing top-notch Windows Phones, the ad roused the curiosity of the many.

Could it be a hint that it will release a device running Android in the future? That’s one thing that many might think, although the company hasn’t denied, confirmed or even issued and official statement about it yet. Nokia doesn’t have, for now, an existing project related to developing software based on Linux, although it was involved in few similar projects before.

Due to cost-cutting and the possibility it wouldn’t appeal to masses, Meltemi, a Linux-based OS intended to run on low-end devices, development was stopped in June. Unless Nokia wants to bring it to life again, there’s no other reason for hiring Linux engineers than to develop its own line of Android-powered devices.

Nokia’s LinkedIn job posting, which has already been taken down, may also indicate that its partnership with Microsoft may now be nearing its end. No one actually knew, except for these two companies, if there was expiration on their agreement. The Finnish manufacturer hasn’t released devices running other operating system but Windows Phone. So, both may have signed exclusivity agreement pushing Nokia to build devices running Microsoft’s platform.

It could also be that rumors suggesting Microsoft wants to build its own smartphones are true. If many OEMs flared up when the company revealed the production of its Surface tablets, Nokia must already be considering shifting to another market in case Microsoft releases its own line of Windows Phones.

Nokia is among the most popular brands in the mobile world and the thought of using a Nokia device with Android in it sounds cool. Currently, it is trying to build up momentum and regain its dominance in the feature phone category by releasing a bunch of Asha devices.

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